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LA Times

November 11, 2016  4id as featured in LA Times article "“Do you work out at night? Here's how to stay visible on dark L.A. streets,”.

Beauty Brite

September 14, 2016  Get Fit, Stay Safe-"4id offers some awesome and fun products such as PowerArmz,SlapwrapzPowerWrapz and PowerLacez that are going to make getting fit fun and safe!" 

Fashion Phases

July 22, 2016  4id PowerArmz, PowerStepz and PowerSpurz were featured in on the blog Fashion Phases "Exercise gear in order to stay safe in the dark".  


July 2, 2016  4id PowerLacez and PowerSpurz were included in Footwear.com's post highlighting patriotic footwear accessories.

Boomer Reviewer 

June, 2016 Stay Safe! Stay Seen! article by Boomer Reviewer featured "We put the SlapWrapz, the PowerArmz and PowerLacez on our paraplegic son who handcycles.  He most often rides the streets at night and due to his low profile has almost be hit several times.  He was elated with the great results of being able to be seen even in the dark."

Tiffany & Stephanie Reviews

May 29, 2016   4id PowerLacez which were included in Tiffany & Stepahanie Reviews.  "These are great for runners, cyclists, cheerleaders, sports teams, dance teams, marching bands, late night walks, trick or treating and many more things!"

Outnumbered 3 to 1 

May 27, 2016  May is national bike month,  4id SlapWrapz and PowerWrapz were featured in Outnumbered 3 to 1 ride ride safe & in style review.   


May 2016  4id SlapWrapz are included in MensFitness.com's "The Best Summer Running Gear for Men 2016."

 Fit Bottomed Girls

May 4, 2016 4id PowerSpurz and PowerArmz were featured in the "Safety First! 4 Safety Products for Your Active LIfestyle" reviewed by Fite Bottomed Girls.  


December 8, 2015 4id Power Armz are featured in About.com Health/Alerternitive Fitness Equipment "20 Perfect Gifts for the Outdoor Fitness Enthusiast".

Los Angeles Times

November 27, 2015  4id PowerArmz as featured in The Los Angeles Times Health & Wellness Healthier 2016 guide.  


November 22, 2015  4id PowerSpurz were featured in MyStatesman Fitness Holiday Gift List. 

Justine Magazine

August/September 2015  4id PowerArmz and PowerSpurz are featured in the August/September issue of Justine Magazine.

Huffington Post

July 28, 2015  4id PowerWrapz are mentioned in an article about essential camping gear on the Huffington Post website.


June 2015  4id PowerArmz are featured on TrailblazerGirl.com.

Outdoor Sports Guide

June 24, 2015  4id PowerSpurz & PowerArmz are featured in Outdoor Sports Guide. The editor writes, "when it’s too hot to run in the sun, many runners take to the street at night. Keep yourself safe when you do with LED-lit shoe and arm safety bands from 4id." 

Merced Sun-Star

June 19, 2015  4id was featured in the Merced Sun-Star. The editor states, "safety lights can be a vital piece of equipment for increasing visibility.."

Houston Chronicle

June 16, 2015  4id PowerSpurz, PowerArmz & PowerWrapz are featured in the Houston Chronicle.

Washington Post Express

June 2, 2015  4id PowerWrapz are featured in the "guinea pig" column of the Washington Post Express.


May 20, 2015  4id LED gear are featured on NJ.com in an article titled, "When Exercising at Night, See and Be Seen."

Women's Running

May 2015  4id PowerArmz are featured in Women's Running magazine. The editor writes, "4id PowerArmz is a perfect gift for a new runner who steps out after dark."

Corpus Christi Caller-Times

April 26, 2015  The Corpus Christi Caller-Times included 4id PowerArmz & PowerSpurz in their Outdoors section.

The Seattle Times

April 22, 2015  4id PowerSpurz are featured in The Seattle Times. 


April 6, 2015  4id PowerSpurz are featured on Glamour.com. The editor writes, "I even clipped one onto my husband's shoe and asked him run around so I could see it from a driver's point of view, and...confirmed. He was easy to find."

New You Magazine

Spring 2015  4id is featured in the Spring 2015 issue of New You Magazine in their “Fitness Finds: Stay Classy” section, highlighting the best go-to fitness offerings and trends for Spring. In a sub-section titled, “Get in Gear,” the editor states that “now is the time to get outside, safely and in style with illuminated items from 4id.”

The Inquirer

February 17, 2015  Shelly Fisher,Founder & CEO of 4id, is featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer & Philly.com.

Orlando Family Magazine

February 2015  4id is featured in Orlando Family Magazine in their Health & Wellness Products section. The editor writes, “Various fitness products, such as headphones, shoe laces, and arm bands, are customized with light-up settings (flash, constant light, or off) to maximize safety while exercising outdoors.”

I Am Magazine

Jan/Feb 2015  4id is featured in I Am Magazine in their Jan/Feb 2015 wellness issue in their “Products We Love” section. The editor writes, “The 4id PowerSpurz keep you safe and visible through all of your outdoor training.”

Running Times

December 2014  4id PowerStepz wer featured in Running Times in a round-up titled, “Nifty Gifties” about holiday offerings to keep your favorite runner on the road or trail this winter.

PARADE Magazine

December 28, 2014  4id is featured in the December 28th issue of PARADE Magazine in their “Parade Picks” section in an article titled, “Good-For-You-Gizmos.” 4id’s PowerArmz and PowerSpurz are mentioned as great products for readers to “stay safe during early morning or evening outdoor sweat sessions.”

Fit Bottomed Girls

December 9, 2014  4id PowerArmz are featured on Fit Bottomed Girls in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: “What to Buy your Favorite Runner.”


December 10, 2014  4id is featured on Examiner.com in an article titled, “Cool Workout Gear for Colder Temps.” The article credits 4id as a great workout accessory to keep runners safe, stating that “If you stay off the icy paths and run in the street, make sure that drivers can see you in the dark.

MSN Fitbie.com

December 2014  4id PowerSpurz are featured on women’s fitness site MSN Fitbie.com in their “Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Runners” for 2014.

Runner's World

December 2014  4id PowerStepz are featured on RunnersWorld.com in their gift guide roundup titled, “Nifty Gifties.”


November 20, 2014  4id PowerSpurz & PowerWrapz were featured on Bicycling.com. The editor states, "Bright, weatherproof LEDs from 4id are a great, cheap way to be seen riding in the early morning and evenings."


November 13, 2014  4id PowerSpurz, PowerBudz and PowerStepz are featured on About.com in an article titled, “Glowing and Blinking Gear for Walkers and Runners: Lighted Gear for Fun and Safety.”


November 11, 2014  4id is featured on popular sports site GrindTV.com in an article titled, “A brilliant secret to safely exercising in the dark.” The article emphasizes the importance of reflective gear for athletes exercising outside during dawn and dusk.


November 1, 2014  4id PowerLacez are featured on Triathlete.com in their “Stocking Stuffers For Triathletes” holiday gift guide.

Girls' Life

December/January 2014  4id is featured in the December/January issue of Girls’ Life in the “New Year, New You Giveaway” section. 

Family Review Guide

November 3, 2014  4id PowerStepz and PowerArmz are featured on Family Review Guide in an article titled, “Powerarmz &Powerstepz will light up your world!” 

Athlete In Me

November 6, 2014  4id PowerSpurz, PowerArmz, PowerWrapz and PowerLacez are currently featured on Athlete In Me in their “Fitness Gear” section.


November 2014  4id is currently featured on About.com in a Holiday Gift Guide titled, “Stocking Stuffers and Healthy Gifts for Less Money.” The 4id Sports Identification Bracelet is hailed as a fantastic gift for “runners, outdoor exercisers, people who have a medical condition.” 

NY1 News

October 26, 2014  4id is featured on Time Warner Cable’s NY1 News with lifestyle expert, Victoria Pericon in a segment highlighting fun, safe products for Halloween. 

SheKnows Parenting

October 18, 2014  SheKnows Parenting featured 4id in a story titled, “Mom’s Must-haves: Trick out your Halloween.”  The piece mentions the PowerSpurz and how they are great for keeping your kids in sight on Halloween.  


October 8, 2014  4id is featured on Examiner.com in an article titled, “Trick or Treat. Halloween 2014.”  The piece includes 4id as a safety item for kids when they are out trick or treating in the dark.

Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine

October 2014  4id is featured in Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine in their in+Style section in a round-up titled, “Fitness with Fashion.” The piece states that “looking chic means nothing if you’re not safe. Light up the night (or early morning) with 4id’s new PowerBudz and PowerSpurz.” 

Runner's World

October 2, 2014  4id's PowerArmz & PowerSpurz are featured on RunnersWorld.com in an article titled, “Nighttime Safety Tips for Runners.” The piece talks about how to increase your visibility in the dark.

Parent Guide

October 2014 4id's PowerSpurz are featured in the October issue of Parent Guide in their Health product section. The editor writes that 4id products serve as both “flashy accessories” and “safety products” that come in a variety of styles, “from headphones to shoe laces and arm bands.”

Senior Outlook Today

September 2014  4id PowerBudz and PowerSpurz are featured on Senior Outlook Today in their 2014 Back to School Gift Guide in the Health and Wellness section.

Better Homes & Gardens

September 2014  4id PowerSpurz are featured in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens in their featured StyleMaker issue’s back to school section. The write up states that “Eye-catching Power Spurz slip over sneaker heels to make after-dark exercise safe (and fun).”


August 12, 2014  4id PowerBudz are featured on Parade.com in a slideshow story titled “10 Items You Need In Your Gym Bag Now!” The story states that the PowerBudz were created to keep athletes visible as they take on night time training or outdoor adventures, as they come with built-in LED lights to make sure you’ll be noticed as you take on your next challenge.

In Touch Weekly

August 2014  4id's "For the Athlete” gift set is featured it the “Win It!” section of In Touch Weekly. The piece mentions that the “4id light up fitness gear” is “perfect for color runs and outdoor workouts!”

Life & Style Weekly

ABC Soaps In Depth

Woman's World

Sweep On

Closer Weekly


BYOU Magazine

July 2014  BYOU Magazine is currently featuring 4id PowerBudz in their “Prizes” section. The piece states that the pulsing and flashing lights will keep you visible while your music keeps you motivated.

Today Show

June 6, 2014  4id PowerSpurz were featured on NBC's Today Show as one of the best gadget gifts for Father's Day.

Local NBC Affiliate, "Central Valley Today"

May 21, 2014  4id was featured on local NBC affiliate Central Valley Today in Fresno, CA in a segment titled, “Summer Camp Survival Kit.”

New Day Northwest

May 20, 2014  4id PowerSpurz and PowerArmz were featured on NBC affiliate New Day Northwest in a segment titled, "Gifts for Tech Savvy Dads and Grads."


May 20, 2014  4id PowerSpurz are featured on Inventante.com, a Spanish blog that features gadgets that make your life easier, more fun or more enriching.


May 18, 2014  4id PowerBudz are featured on Everydaychildhood.com, a blog about child-friendly products, craft ideas and more in a post about getting ready for summer camp.

CW Phoenix, AZ affiliate, “Good Morning! Arizona”

May 18, 2014  4id PowerBudz were featured in a segment on CW Phoenix, AZ affiliate, “Good Morning! Arizona,” in a segment highlighting top products to bring to Summer Camp.

Real Simple

May 16, 2014  4id's PowerSpurz are featured on RealSimple.com in a product roundup titled, "6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life." 

Oxygen Magazine

May 2014  4id's pink PowerBudz are featured in the May issue of Oxygen Magazine in the Fit Gear section in a “Pink Power!” product round up. The Power Budz are described as a “Safety in Style” item and the editor also comments that, “Power Budz from 4id by Hope Paige will keep you visible while your music keeps you motivated.”


April 8, 2014  4id’s PowerBudz are featured on 4Mothers1Blog.com in an article titled, “Fabulous Things for Spring." The blurb states that the 4id PowerBudz “light up with movement” and “help make you more noticeable in the early morning light.”

Capital Region Living Magazine

April 2014  4id is featured in the April issue of Capital Region Living Magazine in a roundup titled, “Kids and Family Product Guide”.


March 12, 2014  4id is currently featured in an article on About.com titled, “Glowing and Flashing Walking in the Dark."  The article describes 4id products as “fun and functional items that glow and flash.”


March 12, 2014  4id is featured in an additional article on About.com titled, "Glowing and Blinking Gear for Walkers and Runners." The editor features 4id in a roundup of products great for night-time walks or runs.

Fox 45 Morning News Weekend

March 1, 2014  4id's Sports Silicone Bracelet was featured in a segment on the Baltimore FOX affiliate morning show, Fox 45 Morning News Weekend (WBFF-TV) in a segment titled, “Health Check.”

Wichita Family Magazine

January/February 2014  Wichita Family Magazine is featuring the new 4id bracelet in a round-up on the best gift ideas for the people you love.  The blurb states that this sporty and comfortable design is perfect for your sporty love with a small pocket under the silver plate that holds all the information an EMT needs.

New Age Mama

January 12, 2014  New Age Mama reviews 4id's PowerBudz headphones.  

McKinney Mommas

January 8, 2014  4id's PowerBudz is featured in McKinney Mommas in an article titled, “5 Tips for Making Healthy Resolutions in the New Year.” The editor states the PowerBudz are a great way to keep wearers safe and healthy as they tackle their resolutions.


December 27, 2013  4id was featured on Examiner.com in an article titled, “Get these hot gym bag essentials for 2014 as you make your New Year's resolution.” The editor raves about 4id’s new PowerBudz as a great “mid workout tune out.” The editor states that “created for optimal sound, these buds also light up to keep night-running a safe adventure and come with 3 settings: pulse, flash, and off.”

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